‘If I weren’t a musician, I would surely have become a dancer,’ is Felix’s motto. Music (whether it be salsa, samba, tango, funk….) to him is always a physical experience. As a teenager in the German town of Freiburg, he saw the great reggae stars perform. Impressed with their thumping bass sounds, he chose to play bass guitar. It was during his studies at the Amsterdam Conservatorium that his attention shifted to the double bass. He took classical lessons to enhance the lyrical side of his playing. Felix’s second great passion, traveling, can also be heard in his playing. Rhythms from all over the world are just around the corner. He became an expert in South American folklore and Brazilian music. In his monthly showcase ‘Felix Fusions’ (in the Muiderpoort Theater, Amsterdam) he performed with unexpected combinations of musicians and styles (with a.o. Kristina Fuchs, Bart Fermie, Niti Ranjan, Michael Moore, Magda Mendes, Nelson Latif). Felix plays regularly with Fado diva Maria de Fatima. He founded and leads two bands in South American music: Tierra and Gosto Delicado. In 2007, he founded his own record label: EBF.