‘What happens if you combine a minimum of musical limitations with a maximum of creativity and experience?’

For many people, jazz equals improvisation. In mainstream jazz, improvisation is often limited to playing solos in a strict framework: theme, solos on chord progression, theme again. Dissatisfied with these limitations, musicians in the 1960s started playing ‘free jazz’, completely improvised music. This supposedly free music wasn’t always what it claimed to be: for some artists in this genre, all other/previous ways of playing were ‘forbidden’. In the process, the music became very inaccessible to most listeners.
earswideopen searches to find a third way, with the attitude of free jazz, but also using solid grooves and melodies from more conventional forms of jazz (and rock, funk, or salsa as the case may be). Without losing the improvised character. Thus, halfway through a song, a fragment of another song may be inserted, or something else can be started. The equilibrium in rhythm or harmony can be deliberately shaken, and in constant musical dialog, the trio finds a new way.
Because of the many hours they have played together (over 150 performances as a trio) Achim, Felix and Jurriaan are well versed in playing ‘free, but not freaky’. This concept has proven itself many times in various environments: jazz podia, festivals, cafés and parties. Their music sounds different each time, making each performance truly unique. earswideopen searches for a dialogue with the audience as well. And audiences vary, even in the same venue. This keeps the musicians on the edge of their seats: playing by routine is hardly possible. And the audience feels something of this attitude; earswideopen gets responses like ‘I could really hear that you guys are having a musical conversation’.
Music that happens in a specific time and place, that is what earswideopen is about. To expand the adventure, they invite guests with the same open minded attitude. So far, this has resulted in collaborations with Dutch jazz giants like Eric Vloeimans, Benjamin Herman, Yuri Honing, Efraïm Trujillo and Oene van Geel. But they have also shared the stage with rappers and dj’s, singers from different backgrounds, and others who share their sense of musical adventure.

Check some songs of their cd (2011) on the Audio page.